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The Truth About Getting Work Done The Truth About Getting Work Done
By natural default, humans are prolific procrastinators. We conjure up endless amounts of energy and time to plan things and fail to put them... The Truth About Getting Work Done

By natural default, humans are prolific procrastinators. We conjure up endless amounts of energy and time to plan things and fail to put them into action or do a structured plan for a while but fail to develop the momentum into a habitual routine. We say things with sanctimonious convictions to work out in the gym every fortnightly, eat healthy food on a regular basis, cut down on meaningless activities that waste time and so forth but in the end we revert to a slow gradual state of scapegoating: “I have lost motivation”, “I don’t feel like doing it” and “The 8th season of Suits is now view-able in Netflix, one cannot possibly miss this.” As unfortunate as this may sound, we go through these instances more so than we could think. Motivational Speakers and Psychologists around the world have coined this epidemic to be closely correlated to the significance of “work load paralysis”.

There are various reasons why a task is left undone: this could be caused by lack of motivation, time management obstacles and personal battles with energy consuming actions however, these are tantamount to the real reason – we are overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done that we ultimately become paralyzed. This observation can easily be misconstrued with idleness, for instance from personal experience, I have undergone a series of failing to deliver on a task. On one major month long holiday venture in Asia, I had spent many hours creating my itinerary – the OCD I am looks at the minutest details of the travel from booking excursions, transport, hotel, nutrition etc. in advance. A spreadsheet was eventually generated but when I got to the countries, I found not all my plans were followed through; I got sick, our taxi has been delayed, I got comfortable getting a tan on the beach but most unfortunate of these all – I was overwhelmed by the amount of things I had planned to do. Work Load Paralysis as it has rightly been coined have never felt truer.

So, what is the truth about getting work done? Like many of you, as somebody who is innately ambitious, my experiences of getting things done has accounted for episodes of feelings of idleness. At the start of the year, I had created a list of goals I wanted to achieve by the end of year 2019. It is now the second quarter of the year and though there is still time, I have always found myself in eternal counterproductive state. It could be that I have set myself up to failure from the very beginning by biting more than I could chew, I simply underestimated the time it takes for these plans to be accomplished or genuinely do not have as much time as I thought I had but I know with certainty that I always seem to feel… stuck. I carefully self reflected on the reasons behind this in greater details – why could I not just get myself into doing things?

Do I have many distractions? What are they?
Majorly Internet browsing, social networking and saying yes to spontaneous activities.

How am I managing my time when I’m free? 
I delegate where I can, prioritize first my professional work and where I fall short I cut down on tasks requiring lesser precedence.

What happens when I do have unsolicited, free and solitary time?
I am either exhausted, lazy or just do not want to do anything.

What happens when I gain motivation to do things?
Either I don’t know where or how to start or I start a task and never get to finishing them.


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