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The Historical City of Prague. The Historical City of Prague.
When we first planned visiting this place it took a bit of time as we originally planned to go here back in February and... The Historical City of Prague.

When we first planned visiting this place it took a bit of time as we originally planned to go here back in February and then March – we were close to just cancelling everything. But we got there in the end. This is the second European travel I have done since graduating and after visiting this city, this is where I realized that I am a traveler by heart. Prague is the largest and the Capital city of Czech Republic. and its picturesque constructions, architectures and buildings are memories that will last me a lifetime. In addition, what made our holiday even more special was the exchange rate 😛 for the next 9 days we were living off quite a luxurious lifestyle. Upon our arrival, we went to our hotel first in Bily Lev – the location in which this hotel was situated at was perfect as we were near the Trams link and everything a lot of preceding touristic places were reachable from this distance. Below are some pictures near our place.

Prague 2

On our second day, we visited the famous astronomical clock. There is a museum in this place where you can climb and see the entire city of Prague. The clock basically depicts the “Walk of the Apostles” at an hourly interval and people would gather around just to see this. What I really liked about the inner city of Prague is the atmosphere it feels to resemble which is one of that very historical. Almost all the places we visited and areas we saw had architectures in orange and dark brown or red ambiance which really adds that effect that you are walking the streets of a place that have remained traditional in contemporary time. While we enjoy each day touring around we would also always find ourselves popping by to a nearby pub to drink the infamous Czech Republic Beer – Pilsner Urquell. On the streets, there are also snacks that are being sold such as potato crisps, not the kind that you get back in London like Walkers crisps. These ones are cooked on the spot and then stuck in a neat alignment on a stick. They were fairly cheap costing around 3 koronas.

Prague 1

We also got the chance to visit the Petrin Tower – a structure which strongly resembles the Eiffel Tower. Shockingly, I have not been able to see the Eiffel Tower itself however, I find myself comparing my experience in a hypothetical scenario when we started climbing the Petrin Tower. To climb the tower, a swirl of steep staircase surrounds the building, it is so steep that you could feel the gusts of the wind on your whole body and you know that with a strong force of it its possible that you could fall. After each day of touring we would always treat ourselves with classic Prague dishes. I believe that even with the hundreds of pictures I have taken, pictures can only truly speak a thousand words but experience is eternal. I would definitely visit Prague in the future again and maybe even take a trip to its neighboring countries like Poland since it is located in Central Europe. Great memories created overall!


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