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Skylanders: Superchargers Review Skylanders: Superchargers Review
  When the toys brought to life genre came, a shock-wave craze novelty of figure collecting, toy trading, freshly revolutionized concept of gaming frenzy... Skylanders: Superchargers Review


When the toys brought to life genre came, a shock-wave craze novelty of figure collecting, toy trading, freshly revolutionized concept of gaming frenzy similar to that electric feeling conjured up by the introduction of augmented reality took the world with the potency of a thunder storm. The dimension of gaming was never seen in the same way again however, until that whiplash started to get saturated over the years since its conception in 2010 as a general rule of thumb, the noble genre would soon find itself in the pits of the aphorism “Its Friday, lets get the drinks in! *buys a carlsberg and finds a corner in the club away from people”.

But hold your horses, the idea of placing a toy in a “portal” peripheral to unlock characters and levels would soon find itself way back to the awkward throne with a cyclone vengeance – this time with the help of cool vehicular mobiles that takes its form in land, water and air. The Skylanders: Superchargers – which is the fifth installment developed by Activision and Lego Dimensions in the franchise. The theme created a whole new other level in the Skylanders Ecosystem with an emphasized articulation of power ups to help players win the race and secret stage pathways that take you to mini games. I think its safe to say, you can buy yourself another carlsberg and maybe stay longer in the club.

I had not been able to unfortunately ride this storm when the pot was still boiling hot, however I had been privileged enough to catch its gradual maelstrom back on its rolling fleet of redemption to reclaim the hearts of its psychedelic fan base. Firstly, the new game concept was a simple racing car mode with the same plot of nostalgic story-line to save the land of Skylanders, the adventure is set by completing driving missions and mini adventure games. Each stage is jam packed with consequent interval repetitions of races through land, water and air with the sort of bonus stage slaughter genocide of these cute little tiny creatures that resemble the physiognomy and bodily features of mutant baby and overgrown alien rabbits. Its colorful, vibrant and most importantly fun!

Those familiar with the franchise will be punctuated with the impressive sequence of familiar characters that you can use to drive your vehicles however, the new generation of Superchargers will include Stats that you get to level up as you acquire experience from each of your race whether you win or lose – however, characters that are not part of the Superchargers generation will not level up. In the starter pack I bought for my Nintendo 3DS Hot Streak is a car that grants access to land sections. To access other vehicles you would need to purchase them and they cost quite the scandal of a round-trip to a Happy Mcdonald’s meal for breakfast, lunch and possibly even dinner combined. Somebody tell me that’s crazy.

A unique feature that put a smile on my face was the pairing of the Skylander driver to the vehicle. When correctly paired up to the Vehicle belonging to the rightful Skylander owner, the overall stats of that racer is raised by a massive loop which really does give you the edge through the race. The landscape areas set for the races are very reminiscent of Mario Kart party race styles minus the open arena boss battles. On that note, it was this furrow of being able to customize and upgrade your characters that rivaled the game in its earlier predecessors of racing games in the reinvented genre.

While the mechanics are all cool, fresh and everything the game took the opportunity to go the extra mile that allows the cross intersection of the Superchargers across the platforms of Wii and Wii U too. The collaboration brings about the use of Bowser and Donkey Kong into the Skylanders Universe complete in their matching Skylander Vehicle and Figurines to help circuit the dimension of racing.

If you would like to give this game a try I would highly recommend it with a personal overall gaming experience and lasting impression of 8/10. I normally play this game on my way to work all tucked up in my suit while other passengers look at me with a sense of Jealousy (yes Jealousy because they wish they could be as cool as me) but hey to each to their own. Happy Skylanders Racing!


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