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Scotland Adventure: Trekking Mount Ben Nevis! Scotland Adventure: Trekking Mount Ben Nevis!
The last time I had taken a break was literally, 3 months ago. Since then I have been working non-stop with no breaks. I... Scotland Adventure: Trekking Mount Ben Nevis!

The last time I had taken a break was literally, 3 months ago. Since then I have been working non-stop with no breaks. I realized that my breaking point before I start feeling burned out is around the 3 month mark. And it never hits my mind that 3 months has passed my life (2160 hours). Life has a very monotonous but stable and straightforward schedule for me which I try to change each day by following through all my routines or squeezing in doing some productive activities relating to my life goals. Which is proving difficult in my circumstance as by the time I get home I am left with a third of my time of the day which is unintentionally and forcefully spent recuperating from exhaustion.

However, I have never let this business phase me out and in spite of this all I ensure each day I’ve lived was lived to the fullest as much as I can. My least favorite human need to fulfill is sleep and I hope maybe one day in the future there will be a pill we can take or some other way that will allow us to maximize energy to run for the next 48 hours similar to the concept of that movie with the super soldiers in it that took these blue vials of drug that made them hallucinate the Valkyries from the Norse Mythology in exchange for them being granted with super human strength, increased agility and enhanced intelligence. Totally would subscribe to these pills. Also I wouldn’t mind technology that will prolong life span as well as productivity.

The Night Before

Anyhow, in the meantime in order for me to stay tuned with my inner self and inner goals and return back to my base I must make do with the powers of nature. Tonight is the night before I go to Scotland to climb Ben Nevis (the highlight) as well as looking at other places. I have not packed yet, but I have prepared and bought all my necessary hiking gears and essentials. Below is a list of items I’ll be bringing.

Ben Nevis

Day 1:

FRIDAY 15th: Sai will drive up- Take up provisions, possible suitcase etc.

Jhaheda, Yasmin, Nisha, Imtiaz and Ace will leave from Victoria Coach Station 11pm and arrive 11.45am Saturday morning at Aberdeen Coach Station. Sai will pick us up from Aberdeen Coach Station or we can take bus from Aberdeen Coach Station to Oldmeldrum- 35 bus goes directly to Meldrum (£5.50). By 12. 30pm arrive at our home for the week: 18 Otter Avenue, Oldmeldrum, AB51 0FQ.

Day 2:

SATURDAY 16th: 1pm- 2pm Freshen up & Eat, Bennachi (mountain), Dinner- Enjoy, possibly go out.

Day 3:

SUNDAY 17th: Fyvie Castle – Entry £10.50 pp, Pitmedden Garden’s – £6.50 pp, Duthie Parks (FREE), Eat out, + Later possibly Drinks and Games

Meanwhile in London: Sarusan Kugarajah & Klaudio Bisha will leave from Victoria Coach Station midday and arrive 2.30am Monday morning at Aberdeen Coach Station. Sai will pick them up.

Day 4:

TUESDAY 19th BEN NEVIS: Highlight: Drive (140 miles), Park, Climb, Don’t Die, Head Back. Eat. Possibly Isle of Skye (possibly), Go home, shower and relax those tired legs.

Day 5:

WEDNESDAY 20th Spontaneous: Clean up flat, pack suitcases, go on a trail, eat, play board games

Wed night: Drop Ace and Yasmin to the airport, Sai, Imtiaz, Me + 1 other head home by car, Rest go home by coach.

TRAVEL COST: £25 Petrol cost per person for the week.

ACCOMMODATION COST: £50 per person (Please bring some blankets and a cushion for those camping on floor, oh and snacks)

FOOD COST: As we will probably eat out most of the time everyone bring Food money. Also welcome to bring snacks and pot noodles. We can buy breakfast and lunch stuff whilst there.

EXTRA COST: Everyone have some money to go drinking, buy midnight snacks & IMPORTANTLY booking fare back!!!


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