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Living The Good Life: What Does It Even Mean? Living The Good Life: What Does It Even Mean?
It was Monday morning and as usual I go to my Local Starbucks and get my coffee. However, on this particular Monday morning I was... Living The Good Life: What Does It Even Mean?

It was Monday morning and as usual I go to my Local Starbucks and get my coffee. However, on this particular Monday morning I was accompanied by a friend. We both ordered the same cappuccino. For reasons unknown, she told me this is the first time she has gotten her morning coffee in a cafe. I asked her why at which she replied; “I don’t like any one else making my coffee. They do it wrong all the time.”

Everybody wants the good life. But what does it even mean? Who ever decided what constitutes to be the “good life”? And how does one move from an “average life” to a better one? This topic is sensitive in nature. You really can not judge somebody else’s life unless you have walked the path they have walked. And even if you have, who is to tell whether you felt exactly the same thing they have felt? How do you like your morning coffee?

It is an elitist way to distinguish good life as divided by different individual parts. What you think may be right for you may not be for another person. However, we can detect a universal law where we can identify elements that may help us live the “good life.” Below are some definite candidates for living a joyous, prosperous and enjoyable life:

1.) Healthy Life.
Our health is our life source. It can directly affect our living and quality of life. If we give poor attention to our physical self we deprive ourselves life energy. Since it is difficult to distinguish what is the good life, staying healthy does not mean we spend endless hours of our time in the gym, or watch very strictly what we eat or drink. Simply, we just do these to what we think is reasonable for our own standards. For example, you are not a world-class body builder (yet?) it would be a lost cause to lift as much weight in a day than you can for this can potentially do more damage than good.

2.) Meaningful Relationships.
If a person who is living the good life like to be with people, share experiences with each other and discover new things while at the same time growing, then creating and developing meaningful friendships and partner companionship is important. Sometimes you don’t really have to put yourself in a crowd trying to please everybody just to be able to bond with them at a deeper level. One deep, personal friendship can mean more than 99 acquaintances. Give your smile to everybody, be nice and friendly. But don’t expect all of them to be your best friend. Accept that even at very close levels of friendships people have other commitments and you must respect that.

3.) Meaningful Productivity.
Humans are species separate from other mammals. Ever since the dawn of time, people are born to discover, create and work for the advancement of the human civilization. Our work is an important aspect of ourselves. It gives us a sense of purpose and can be a driving force to fuel us to achieving our dreams and accomplishing our goals. Indeed, a good life gives time to relaxation and reflection but it is not completely centered into these things. It is a combination of balanced time for yourself and your responsibilities. Being productive through our work gives us a sense of worth, a community to belong with, a part to contribute to the bigger picture and most importantly a meaning to our existence.

4.) Reasonable Income.
This go hand-in-hand with the previous elements. Money is not just a currency commercialized as some form commodity. It is an important aspect in our life. Without it or having little of it, life can be a struggle. There’s that saying that money is the root of all evil but this is debatable. This statement would be proved true if we pay attention to it too much that we worship it, we become servants of it and we become so blinded by it we forget the things that matter and those that do not. Don’t enslave yourself to money. Some things in life can not be bought by money. These are your meaningful relationships, friendships, spiritual awareness and good health. Only you can know how much money is enough to live your lifestyle.


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