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How To: Get More Out Of Life How To: Get More Out Of Life
One of the greatest lessons I have learned in life is enjoying and getting more out of it. As I was growing up especially... How To: Get More Out Of Life

One of the greatest lessons I have learned in life is enjoying and getting more out of it. As I was growing up especially in my younger teenage years, I got held up in so many distractions. Coming from a foreign country, I found it hard to adapt in the new environment. The people were so different. The places alienated me. I found it difficult to relate with people and in the process I spent a lot of my time thinking about what others thought about me. All this while, I never noticed how time flew by so quickly and all those opportunities pass me by as I got so hooked up with many unimportant things.

Nevertheless, I took these experiences without angst and regret. When I wanted to say or do something, It took me time but I said and did them eventually. I found that many principles play a role in coming out of an experience fulfilled, happy and satisfied. Below is a list of these essential principles that will help you get a little bit more out of life:

1.) Acknowledge And Eliminate Self-Limitations.
There’s nothing more destructive and sabotaging than immersing yourself in the shadows of fear and self-doubt. If you think that you will fail, most likely you will not succeed and probably attract a series of more bad things to come your way. What good will it do if you focus half your time worrying about what could or might have been? Why not utilize that time to formulating a solution instead? You are already involved in the situation, don’t become a part of the problem. Try and recognize any negative thought patterns. Remember its the most normal thing in life to experience an obstacle, setback or a problem. But how we react to it is a choice.

2.) Be Brave And Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone.
Life can be scary at times.When it hits you, it does not wait or stop for anyone. But it is scarier if you just stand there and do nothing or worse, you deprive yourself of new experiences and opportunities by sticking with what is familiar and comfortable. Sometimes, looking outside the box is just what you may need. It could give you a whole new fresh perspective and let you see the bigger picture. If we do what we always do and stay where we always are, we can not learn new things. We will always stay the same. If you want to get more out of life, arm yourself with imagination, quench yourself with the desire for new knowledge and most of all seek new ways of enjoying life.

3.) Travel And Meet New People.
There is as much beautiful things in this world as there are zillions of stars in the universe. Travel around the world and be a part of different cultures. The world is truly your oyster. You may never know what you might discover through your social network. Some of the best things that can happen in life is shared with you by someone opening the door for you on the other side. Some time ago I went on a trip to Amsterdam. On the day of my departure I lost track of time and never got on my flight. It was the most spontaneous thing I have done but I had befriended a Dutch guy who kept me company the whole day and showed me around Rotterdam which was his hometown. All because of doing a friendly gesture and a little bit of being in a crisis.

4.) Help Yourself. Give Yourself A Chance.
Living a healthy lifestyle and feeling good about yourself can get you far. Getting more out of life can consume a lot of you. Make sure that you refresh yourself with water at least 8 times a day, 8 hours of sleep and sustaining yourself with the right nutrition by eating a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables. Motivate yourself with the desire to lead a healthy life. Most of the time we can easily live our lives to the common misconception that material things determine our happiness. This mindset can be self-destructing and you should alter this way of thinking by realizing the greatest gift you can receive in this life is your health. If you are active, happy and not sick you can definitely get more out life.

5.) Be True To Yourself.
Too often than not, we live our lives by fear of other people’s expectations of us and how they may judge us. We become influenced of what others want and in the end we end up implicating our own dreams and ambitions. Trust your instincts. That little voice inside of you is a guide to what you truly feel, desire and want. Set a time for yourself each day and listen carefully and sincerely on what you want to do. Whatever comes to your mind, do not limit yourself. Get yourself a special journal and write down your thoughts. How ever little they may be, appreciate them. At the end of it all, you will realize it was not the big things that mattered but rather the small things.

6.) Learn From Others – Educate Yourself.
You may mistake this as conflicting with the previous principle but think about it carefully. This principle is telling you to learn new things – not drowning yourself in the influence of others. Be your own influence. The most positive change that can ever happen to your life starts from you. But learning from other people’s mistakes is equally as wise, stimulating and important. If you are going to visit a foreign place, chances are someone somewhere already have a good knowledge of the tourist spots you can see. Research the place. Buy a book review of the country. Do background research from a native friend. Open yourself to unknown possibilities and think twice before settling down into anything.


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