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How To: Enjoy And Get More Out Of Nightclubs How To: Enjoy And Get More Out Of Nightclubs
Its Friday night. You have been looking forward to this day since the start of the week. You and your friends have made plans... How To: Enjoy And Get More Out Of Nightclubs

Its Friday night. You have been looking forward to this day since the start of the week. You and your friends have made plans on hitting this hot night club everyone is talking about. Its got good reviews, decent music and its ethnically diverse. All you want to do is just have a great time with your friends. But you want to make sure you behave properly through out the night and know exactly how to get the most out of your time.

The following is a simple guide of the night club etiquette.

1.) Establish Your Intentions.
Some people go clubbing as their kind of way to have fun, others go to celebrate a reunion with mates or a birthday, and other times some people go expecting to hook-up with somebody. Whatever your intentions are, molding your mindset into that thinking can be helpful. In this mindset what you want to achieve through the night is wired. Its the simple law of attraction that what which you focus on can have influence in its manifestation in the physical world.

2.) Dress To Impress.
Now you have establish your intentions. Naturally, your next move would be finding the right clothes that mesh with the occasion but you would look for clothes that you feel comfortable with. If you want to look smart or casual, avoid wearing too much accessories that you don’t even need. In fact wearing clothes that make you look natural as can be is much more attractive than someone who looks uncomfortable walking to the bar because he’s wearing tight clothes with an over shirt that makes him sweat. Stay true to your image and show that in what you wear and how you carry yourself.

3.) Be Friendly To The Bouncer.
The bouncer can influence how you can get a good start in your night out. Sometimes they can be intimidating but its important you remember they’re just like normal people you see in the streets. If the club you’re going to is busy work your way up by bonding with the bouncer. Strike up a casual, brief conversation with him about how long the wait is. If you’re a boy it might be difficult but if you have a particularly good looking female in your company you should ask her to do a little bit of flirting with the bouncer, see if you can jump on the queue. Other methods you can try is subtly slipping a bill in his palms. This should work but be discreet.

4.) In The Bar.
So finally you got in and you’re ready to get things rolling. Normally when the bar is busy, its a good idea especially if you’re in a large group to ask what everyone else wants and suggest only one or a couple just go to the bar. This way you can discuss about getting group discounts and save money. Alternatively if everyone else goes about taking their own orders, make sure that once you have the attention of the bartender you are ready and make full use of his time. It may be hard to grab his or her attention again.

5.) Tipping For Good Services.
Every now and then I would encounter a particularly good bartender, one who tended to our group nicely and engagingly. One time a bartender just bought me a shot just for striking up a conversation with him. When I left I returned the favor by buying him a pint. If you treat the bartender nice its most likely they’ll do the same to you. Otherwise, if this is it the case just go make your order to another one. Don’t reward bad service.

6.) DJ booth.
This bit can sometimes be tricky. If you want to request a song for that cute guy you were just chatting on the dance floor make sure you do not become a request-pest to the DJ. The DJ will most likely have lineups of songs prepared already from loads of other people. Don’t waste his time. Request once and wait for your song to be played. If you don’t he will play the “loser” song dedicated to you.

The most important rule of all however is: have a blast! Leave work and everything else behind you. When its party time make sure you are partying. Be grateful of the night out and have a good time with your friends!


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