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Comparison Between The Aesthete Man And Ethical Man.
This post is a summary of a research paper I read and found interesting “The Aesthete in Nineteenth Century Philosophy and Literature” (Tuckman, 2008). Thought I’d write about it. Hedonist Lifestyle The hedonistic way of life is the heart of the aesthetic way of living. A hedonist is someone... Read more
Scotland Adventure: Trekking Mount Ben Nevis!
The last time I had taken a break was literally, 3 months ago. Since then I have been working non-stop with no breaks. I realized that my breaking point before I start feeling burned out is around the 3 month mark. And it never hits my mind that 3... Read more
Watashi Wa Nihon Ga Daisuki: Japan 2016
Having waited and planned this trip for half a year, I finally was able to visit Japan! Ever since I was young my childhood and adolescent memories were heavily influenced by Japanese culture. Like many other people I am a massive fan of Pokemon – I played all games... Read more
Stuck In Snow: Visiting Switzerland.
Contrary to popular belief, I actually like being in peaceful and quiet places and left to my own devices more so often than I portray myself to the outside world. I love the smell of trees, the sound of the river and wild animals and just everything about nature. Which is contradictive... Read more
Living In The Early 21st Century: In The Eyes Of A Millenial
“We are the middle children of history. Born too late to explore earth, born too early to explore space.” ~ Anonymous. You wake up in the morning and do your rituals, take a shower, eat breakfast, get ready for work, get your Starbucks on your way to work and... Read more
2016: Goals and Plans
Previous new years for me tended to be influenced by the “new year new me” hype. I always seemed to follow these up by thinking of ways and ideas on what new things I will be doing for myself that I have not done before. This year, this is not entirely true... Read more