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2017: Goals and Plans
I am not entirely sure whether its the age thing or living in a fast-pace environment or changes in my immediate circumstances in reference to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs but I have had a deep reflection of going through year 2017 with a deeper sense of as I would... Read more
2016 Year Review: Travel Chapter Of My Life
This year consisted of many events and changes but if I’d have to remember 2016 it will be that this is the year of travelling of my life! Ever grateful to see new places, talk to new people and experience new culture: From Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Japan, Scotland, New... Read more
Top Role Playing Games (RPG) of 2016
1.) Dark Souls III 2.) Final Fantasy XV 3.) Persona 5 4.) Deus Ex: Mankind Undivided 5.) The Technomancer 6.) World Of Final Fantasy 7.) Pokemon Sun and Moon 8.) Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness 9.) Sword Art Online: Hollow Realisation 10.) Stardew Valley 11.) The Witcher 3: Blood... Read more
The Legend Of Alchemy
Legend Of Alchemy (LOA) LOA is an open world adventure RPG currently in development using RPGMaker MV. This game is part of my online gaming projects I started working on 2016. The projected release date for this game is 2017.      Read more
Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet Review
Dubbed to be the best android gaming tablet in the market, the Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 is the second generation of the Nvidia Shield Tablet superseding a significant part of features that its predecessor had. I first encountered the Nvidia Shield Tablet back in 2014 where at the time an... Read more
New York: The City That Never Sleeps!
I’ve seen it in the movies, heard it sung in so many songs and read about it in the newspapers, internet – practically everywhere. And now I actually get the chance to visit New York! I am beyond stoke. Its a strange feeling to acknowledge that I will be... Read more