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How To: Get More Out Of Life
One of the greatest lessons I have learned in life is enjoying and getting more out of it. As I was growing up especially in my younger teenage years, I got held up in so many distractions. Coming from a foreign country, I found it hard to adapt in... Read more
Clash of Kings: A Strategy War Based Game
When it comes to MMO games or games aimed at the mobile gaming platform I have a very picky hand. As an avid gamer across all platforms I tend to find a common criterion of what I consider a “good game” and by this standard I mean a game... Read more
How To: Be An Optimist
Having a positive outlook in life is attractive. Its good for your health. With it, all other good things in life are wired; confidence, high self-esteem, versatility and so on. Optimism lets you accept failures and situations as they are and learn from them which encourages further pursuit of... Read more
How To: Enjoy And Get More Out Of Nightclubs
Its Friday night. You have been looking forward to this day since the start of the week. You and your friends have made plans on hitting this hot night club everyone is talking about. Its got good reviews, decent music and its ethnically diverse. All you want to do... Read more
Do We Govern Technology Or Does It Govern Us?
Back when I was about 17 years old, I remember I use to read and write poems everyday. I did not go out much with friends or did activities that required a lot of energy. In fact my social life was nowhere near compared to how outgoing I have... Read more