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About Me

About Me

My Background:

✈Traveler | 💥Influencer | 🤖Technologist. I grew up in Cagayan, Philippines but I was born in Manila with an amazing and supportive family who encouraged a range of my interests in astronomy, psychology, personal development and technology.

I studied Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Sociology and later on accumulated recognition in Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Sales and Marketing to name a few. I have a background in the sectors of: business, management, research, trades and operations.

My Interests:

I have great interest in exploring different cultures and places around the world – truly immersing myself in their traditions, way of life and thinking. I have explored most regions in the UK and have traveled in Europe including the countries of Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Spain and Germany and South East Asia in Japan where I acquired a wider perspective about people and the world and different walks of life.

My Work:

Today, I am currently working in the educational sector with a dedication to communicate with the world the importance of learning. On this journey, I envisage to make significant positive impact on civilization; putting great importance in humanitarian cause, altruism and thriving in adversity.

About FireAlchemist


The Story behind FireAlchemist:

Hermis Trismegistus in Greek Mythology is the purported author of Hermetic Corpus which contained sacred texts that formed the basis of an ancient religion called Hermeticism. In this mythology, there are three parts of wisdom of the whole universe: Alchemy (development of elixir of life), Astrology (study of stars) and Theurgy (practice of rituals).

Fire in Alchemy:

Fire is one of the vital parts making up life; the creation of everything. Fire is energy and in alchemical context is used for transmutations of base metals for combination or synthesis with other base compounds. It symbolizes power, courage and knowledge. 

Alchemy, Astronomy and Theurgy.

I have great interest in ancient lore and legends including Mesopotamian and Chinese from the Bronze age, Greek and Norse mythology from Iron Age. I got particularly interested in the tradition of Alchemy as the oldest practice of Science. In particular, it attracted my curiosity and attention of its connections to other earlier ancient civilization including Medieval Europe and Greco-Roman Egypt: the latin verbatum “Ignis Aurum Probat” – meaning “fire tests gold”, is a concept that resonates with my thinking and principles.