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A Pokemon Trainer’s thoughts on Pokemon Go: 10 Facts. A Pokemon Trainer’s thoughts on Pokemon Go: 10 Facts.
Hi, I am Ace and today I have fulfilled a dream that many of our 9 year old selves would have wanted to achieve.... A Pokemon Trainer’s thoughts on Pokemon Go: 10 Facts.

Hi, I am Ace and today I have fulfilled a dream that many of our 9 year old selves would have wanted to achieve. A fantasy dream that challenged us to be ambitious, determined and be brave to conquer the world which my 9 year old self would never thought be possible. It turns out I have been so wrong.

That dream was to catch Pokemon outside the real world – albeit in the now existence of a smart device as opposed to the analogue gadget we called back then the Gameboy Colour and a copy of the first generation game of Pokemon. A lot has changed since then and fast forward almost a couple of decades later Pokemon Go has been introduced to the world in a shock wave of Virtual Reality revolution (with still a lot of improvements to be made but gosh the whole concept is still awesome!).

Pokemon Go is a relatively new concept in the Pokemon Game franchise that has introduced itself in the generation of 3D Augmented Reality which basically in a nutshell brings into the real world the essence of the game that was only seen in a video game in the past years – catching, training, and battling Pokemons in real world.

Ever since it got released last week first in the US, New Zealand, Australia and not in the UK and Europe, I have witnessed a surge of people roaming the streets of London getting their rewards in Pokestops, stopping by in parks to catch Pokemon and battling Gym Leaders in some architecture spot.

There are still quite a lot of things that I need to learn in order to fully understand how the game plays out and reading on some future updates from the Pokemon Company such as the upcoming ability to battle other trainers – I am sure this game will just evolve further rather than stay stagnant however, I have some important facts that I feel like sharing to the world. And they are written below 🙂 so read on.


1.) As of this time, if you are not in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand and America, you belong to the rest of the world that do not have access to Pokemon Go. An unofficial download of the game has been revealed in acquiring it in the form of APK files. To download the game for Android users click here and for IOS users click here.

2.) When you start the game you will be prompted to choose your gender and the usual personal details like your name and D.O.B. After you have filled all of this, you are given by Professor Oak the chance to choose your Starter Pokemon. Some items are given to you for free such as Pokeballs, Lures and Incubator.

3.) In order to get cool items, there are Pokestops that have been marked by your GPS which you need to walk towards to and let the growing circle surrounding your Avatar in your screen reach it so you can open it. Once the portal is open you will see a coin shape figure that you need to flick – this will drop you items which most of the time consists of Pokeballs.

4.) In order to catch Pokemons you will need to aim the Pokeball to the Pokemon. A Pro’s tip – there is a circle marker that envelops the Pokemon and the smaller this circle line becomes the higher your chance of catching it. In addition, if the color of the circle is green then this means the Pokemon is not that strong while a yellow circle line means its slightly stronger – this is indicated by the number of CP it has which is displayed above the Pokemon.

5.) During your search for Pokestops, sometimes you will get eggs. In order to hatch your eggs you will need to walk a certain miles similar to the way it is hatched in the video game. The higher the miles you have to walk for the egg the rarer the Pokemon that comes out of it is.

6.) In order to Level up your Pokemon you will need to catch Pokemons and collect stardust and candies. The candies you get are specific to the Pokemon you get so for example, if you would like to evolve Ratata and the candy requirement to evolve it is 50 candies then you will need to acquire 50 candies which you can get by transferring the spare Ratatas you get in the wild. The stardust you get is available in all of the Pokemons you catch and can be used in any Pokemon powering up or evolution.

7.) Once you reach Level 5, you will be able to battle Gym Leaders and choose which team you would like to belong. There are 3 teams: Instinct -hatching eggs, Mystic – evolving Pokemons and Valor – powering up.

8.) To level up as a trainer you will need to stopover Pokestops, train your Pokemons by powering or levelling them up and catch Pokemons. The higher the level your trainer is the rarer the Pokemon you can get and battle and it will also allow you to battle stronger Gym Leaders.

9.) This game is free however, there are in-game items that you can buy. Some of the items you can buy are bigger bag and storage for your items, Pokeballs, Lure and Potions. You will need to buy coins which starts at £0.79 per 100 in order to purchase these items.

10.) The game can be battery consuming and the AI picture of the Pokemon when catching them in the real world terrain is slow  – definitely still something Pokemon developers need to be looking at. You can turn off your AI and catch the Pokemon on a virtual terrain which is always in some green forest and you can reduce its battery usage by going to the settings.


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