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A Mid-Way Update From My Social Hiatus: What Have I Been Up To? A Mid-Way Update From My Social Hiatus: What Have I Been Up To?
Living in the 21st century, it may be really difficult for some people to get time off from social media (yes, Big Brother exists... A Mid-Way Update From My Social Hiatus: What Have I Been Up To?

Living in the 21st century, it may be really difficult for some people to get time off from social media (yes, Big Brother exists in real life) and for raging social media pop culture ditz like me I am sure you can relate to how addictive and essential it is to be part of the world through the means of Facebook, twitter, dating sites (single life has never been more fun!) is and has become. And this is how the word “social hiatus” has been conceived or other related terms like “ghosting” or “good bye cruel world – Glenn from Walking Dead is gone, Game of Thrones has finished its last season and Family Guy episodes have been on repeat in the last week so I need to take a break but I’ll see you all again in a few days time”.

To put into perspective the gravity of what this word means I will be using a famous celebrity who has recently used this method of taking time off as an example. Justin Bieber has been noted by the media to be off the radar in the last 6 odd months from August last year until February of this year. For reasons unknown, this was the path Justin took and the reason behind it is only of intrinsic importance to Justin – the person who took this social media sabbatical. His latest Instagram post was on February 3 from August 16 (a total of 171 days) and yes social media trains you in the art of inescapable cyber stalking skills if you have not caught up already and I think I have attained champion level at this. But, jokes aside and let’s get to the heart of things.

Initially, I had been messaged by a few people as its unlike me to not have a constant Facebook update on my wall every other day – until I just didn’t get any more messages eventually and I realized what ever legacy I left behind in the digital world has dissipated (sad times indeed huhuhu) but that really was of little importance because if it mattered it would have defeated the whole purpose of taking a break from social media in the beginning. I started my social hiatus back in January. This included a major absence in my posts in my social network accounts although I maintained a very low sneak peak every now and then – so technically it counts as partial social hiatus with 10% of my usual participation in such activities only attained. What have I been up to and what was the reason behind my sudden disappearance? It was a combination of a few things really.

Going back to a previous post I wrote at the start of the year 2017: Goals and Plans, I have been focusing mainly on those goals but also, the reasons behind this goes back to the travelings I have done last year and most especially my reunion trip from the Philippines and my general experiences throughout the year. Coming back from this holiday, I have learned a lot about myself and opportunities, other versions of life and circumstances that inspired me to pursue my ambitions even more, be happy and thrive rather than just plain existing. I discovered the importance of being happy and how this really what we should strive for. Additionally, combine this with my trip to New York and Japan and perhaps the underlying feelings of being successful in a career-oriented western society environment such as the city of London, it would be due in the day one becomes influenced by such “get me out of the rat race” entrepreneurial mentality and sadly overwhelming forces that encourages feelings of yearning for more and overseeing feelings of what is already owned and achieved. I believe this is the reality of things living in such a competitive place like London as it certainly feels like it although as one thinks outside the box, one may realize we don’t need many things, everything in life is temporary, nothing should be worth your whole heart to worry about and that if things are not yet to where you want them to be then you still have work to do and your work is not yet done.

Following on my from my goals, I have been in motivating routine to be on the gym, eating healthily, focusing on my work and projects since. An update regarding my projects will be posted on a separate post here on my website. Some of you may already know what I have been working on (this can also be found in my “Projects” link on the top menu) although all would be revealed the same time they are also launched. For a little sneaky reference, I have been in development of a mobile platform based game – an endeavor proving to be hard to do especially when 8 hours (and more) of time is taken out on the crucial productive 5 days of the calendar week. I had also been busy studying for my project management courses as well as reading more books (a list of books I have read/reviewed can be found on the homepage in one of the sliding posts). In addition, I will have to admit that I have been spending much time in unproductive things (arguably) resulting into a controlled sense of guilt: Dragon Quest Builders, Animal Crossing and a bit of idleness. I’d like to put these down into learning process. Anyhow, I feel its still early in the year and close from the conception time of my Social hiatus (approx. 3 months) although the fact that the first quarter of 2017 is almost over it feels like time has a steroid rush injected in its dimensional bloodstream. So I hope this mid-way update from my social hiatus will trigger feelings of urgency and motivation to get myself working twice harder.

These are about all the update I could give for now. I can still be contacted from all my social media accounts. Signing off. Ace.


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