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2019: Goals and Plans 2019: Goals and Plans
When people say “a lot can happen in a year”, I feel this idiom is the best way to describe how 2018 has been... 2019: Goals and Plans

When people say “a lot can happen in a year”, I feel this idiom is the best way to describe how 2018 has been for me. This year presented me with a wide range of episodes for self-growth. Not to discredit any past experiences however, apart from carrying forward previous routines and habits (and taking away some) I implemented new ones and went through new experiences that otherwise my old self would not have dreamed of ever going through this year. First quarter of 2018 was a challenge: I was lost, indecisive and confused – went through a rough patch of trials that tested my capability of understanding one’s behavior, valuing the importance of time and most principal of them all; how to not lose yourself in the walls of apathy as built by fear, lack of courage and one (or two) uncomfortable experiences. Second and third quarter of the year was a period of acceptance and stability: getting comfortable with a set routine which kept me grounded and have a safe base where I can always fall myself back into. The end of the year, was a culmination of everything. I feel this speech from MCU by Sharon Carter sums it up:

Compromise where you can. Where you can’t, don’t. Even if everyone is telling you that something wrong is something right. Even if the whole world is telling you to move, it is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye, and say, ‘No,you move’“.

Moving forward into 2019, I want to try something different. I will be doing a trial run of my routines from November for 2019 and start working on my goals as well. With shy of just two months away to the end of 2018, this trial run would pave the way to developing grounded habits and actually allow me to start 2019 with the built up momentum of productivity. Next year, my main course of actions I would like to holistically follow through are as follows:

1.) Write blog posts on a constant habit. 

– Be active in game streaming = twitch live video game streaming.

2.) Get back to Kickboxing and sign up officially to Cross-fit and Meditation. 

– Minimum 2x a week = identify recuperation time.

3.) Increase social networking exposure in the gaming and technology community.

– Attend PSX experience in California 2019.

4.) Drink “elixir of life” daily. 

– Eat healthily = drink fruit and vegetable smoothies everyday. 

5.) Improve activity management and schedules with 0% tolerance on procrastination. 

– Be mindful and purposeful of how I spend time.

6.) Eliminate meaningless activities with immediate effect such as:

– Spontaneous meet up with friends = spend time only with a select few. 

– Remove toxic people and energy = practice meditation and chakra manipulation.

7.) Launch Project LOA by last quarter of 2019.

– Study everything about Alchemy.

8.) Maintain activity log throughout the 365 days.

– Do not miss a day. 


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