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2017: Goals and Plans 2017: Goals and Plans
I am not entirely sure whether its the age thing or living in a fast-pace environment or changes in my immediate circumstances in reference... 2017: Goals and Plans

I am not entirely sure whether its the age thing or living in a fast-pace environment or changes in my immediate circumstances in reference to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs but I have had a deep reflection of going through year 2017 with a deeper sense of as I would indict reference to Nicki Minaj’s intended idiom “The night is still young” and  The Weekend’s Starboy – being a kick ass extra awesome this year.

Previous years for me had evidently focused more on exploring, enjoying a bit of what this world has to offer in terms of travelling, trying out new hobbies, meeting new people and spending my recreational time on “playing around” literally. Inspite of juggling 2 jobs at the same time and volunteering, socializing with friends and being active in the gaming community – I feel these activities had not encourage productive work as much as I wanted and thought them too. By productive work I refer to much more intrinsic goals and activities that are beneficial to me: physically, mentally and spiritually. These activities are in reference to taking care of my health (by going to the gym and being nutrition conscious), expanding my knowledge (by taking a more active role in worldly news and things that really interest me and not just reading about them) and enriching my soul (by establishing a clearer sense of my self and my existence – yes big words right here). This year I am highlighting these aspects so I focus on being more productive in this sense.

Without going through the minutest details, below is my general commentary going forward this year:

1.) Maintain and manage website.

2.) Maintain a healthy lifestyle through structured gym schedules and healthy eating.

3.) Network more like minded professionals from the gaming and entrepreneurial community.

4.) Better money management.

5.) Launch Project LOA.

6.) Launch Project PI.

7.) Launch Project Arka.

8.) Take a more active participation in causes I believe in (gaming, human rights, volunteering.)

Compared to last year, I have planned 2017 to focus more on my projects and working on them to be launched and introduced to the public (more information on this will follow later on the year). I would be travelling still and meeting new people and trying out new things although I am hoping to be more purposeful and aware on how I spend our precious non-refundable times. This means I would be cutting down on certain activities that take too much of my time or I spend too much time on by consciously being aware and making an active decision of stopping it i.e. going out on Fridays and spending the weekend on a hangover for instance, and tasks that are really productive by identifying which ones the most and least important and ranking their priority level. This is a principle I have come out of from 2016 and I look forward to carrying out these goals and the whole year with a clearer sense of direction and ultimately be successful in these endeavors!


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