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The Future Of News: Inspiring Action
Anyone who has an active life in the digital world would have experienced a bombardment of some of the most prominent news that has populated our Facebook feed and twitter pages this week. I for one have been scheming through my Facebook news-feed only to be constantly barraged with a snowball... Read more
Exploring The Hills Of Italy: A 5 Day Trip.
If only I could travel the world and leave behind (indefinitely) the life I have in the inner city of London, then my answer would be a resounding yes, of course – no surprise there. Life had been crazy busy for me before I took the plane to Italy on July 2 – with my... Read more
Polaroid Zip: Portable Printer.
Originally finding this Polaroid product on Amazon, I was quite excited to try my hands on it when it gets released here in the UK. And so when it got finally got released, I just had to buy it. What makes this portable printer more special than its predecessors?... Read more